How did Sundar Pichai become the CEO of Google?

How did Sundar Pichai become the CEO of Google?

Sundar Pichai is the CEO of one of the most popular companies- Google. He started in India with humble beginnings. However, his intelligence and skills helped him to become the CEO of two big companies. 

Pichai studies in IIT University in India. However, after completing that he planned on going to USA. He studied in the Standford University and later completed his MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Pichai joined Google in 2004 and his rise has been phenomenal. The Google Chrome success is possible only because of Sundar and his team. They were dedicated and instrumental in making the web browser. Their main aim was to create the world’s most used browser. Sundar succeeded in achieving this.

After the success of Chrome, he started getting a lot of responsibilities. His abilities were visible and thus, Google started utilizing them to maximum. He was also noticed by the top management repeatedly. 

Pichai was seen as a soft spoken person with an ability of problem solver without ruffling any feathers. He had a lot of knowledge about technology and products but, also had the ability to lead and work with people. This made him one of the most important person in Google. 

At the same time, Pichai also started attending Google’s media and developer events. This was possible because of the success of the Chrome. In 2013, he was also given the charge of running the Android department. He diligently did his work and kept on adding innovation to his strategies.

Thus, in 2015 he was declared as the CEO of Google. This was possible because the company was restructured and Alphabet was created. It is interesting to note that currently, he is the CEO of Google and Alphabet both. 

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were really impressed with Pichai. Both of them are the founders of Google and they said that Sundar is the guy who understands Page’s vision like none other. 

After Pichai became the CEO of the company, he has been a trusted member of the leadership team. His colleagues also describe him as low-key and humble. He has excellent technical skills and vision which makes him at the head of the line of promotions. Although, many people feel that his promotion to the CEO spot has been a major leap. However, it is important to note that Pichai used to handle a lot of aspects of Google since 2014. The restructuring formally made him the CEO in 2015 but, it took four more years for him to take the remaining duties from Page and Brin completely.

The initial three years of Pichai as a CEO have been remarkable apolitical and excellent. The founders have shown immense trust on Pichai and only time will tell how successful he is in his role as a CEO in the long term. Brin and Pge have made a bold decision by transforming Google in to a diverse holding company from a traditional tech company. However, Pichai has proved to handle Google really well. 



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