(13 Jan 2020 Update) Is Sundar Pichai a Billionaire?

Is Sundar Pichai a Billionaire?

Sundar Pichai has seen heights that one can only imagine of. He is the chief executive officer of Google and Alphabet. It is interesting to note that Alphabet is the parent company of Google only.

Pichai took over the complete duties from the founders Larry Page and Seregy Brin as they stepped down from the day to day oversight of Google and Alphabet both.

Sundar Pichai is riding the herd of a company that is valued at $900 billion. It also ranks on number 15 on the most recent list of Fortune 500 companies. This is the major reason that Pichai is also earning a good amount of money.

Although, it is difficult to pin down the exact amount of money that he possesses. As of June 2019, his net worth was said to be $933 million. During that time, he reportedly owned 4800 units of stocks of Alphabet. They were valued at $108.5 million. At the same time, he has sold $822.47 million worth of company stock in the preceding years.

Pichai’s salary is of $1.89 million annually but he also earns a lot in bonuses and stock options. Accordig to a data from Fox News, he earns $226,000 an hour.

However, Pichai has immensely contributed to Google. He is the architecht behind some of the greatest achievements of Google like Gmail, Google Maps, Pixel and Android. His contribution has helped Google rake in billions of dollars of profits.

Pichai’s wealth can be considered in another way as well. It is a good idea to consider Page and Brin’s net worth, which is $56.4 billion and $55.6 billion respectively.

Google and Pichai

He joined Google in 2004 where he worked in a leading role on Google Chrome. He also worked closely with the company’s software engineering team. After Chrome, he picked up the pace while working on different projects like Google Maps and Gmail.

In 2013, he started leading the Google’s Android team and was noticed by the founders Page and Brin. By 2015, both the founders had seen the maximum potential of Pichai and thus, he was made the CEO of Google.

Pichai earned around $100 million from Google in 2015 alone. He managed to double the income in 2016 with the help of lucrative stock option which were awarded to him as he climbed the company’s executive ladder.

Becoming a Billionaire

In 2019, when Pichai was offered the deal of becoming the CEO of Alphabet with Google, he readily agreed. This deal was offered to him with an additional of $240 million in stock options through 2021 with a hike of $2 million in his salary. In addition, he was also offered some extra perks at the office.

A lot of reports suggest that Pichal will make an additional $90 million, if the share price of Alphabet cooperates. It is the first time that Google has granted a performance based stock increase to its CEO.

Sundar Pichai was the new golden boy of the silicon valley but, now he is the wealthiest one as well.

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