Product management at GoogleIO in 2010 innovation in open with Sundar Pichai

Product management at GoogleIO in 2010 innovation in open with Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai will talk about HTML5 The Great new capability on HTML5 in 2010.

How modern browser will support this API.

So let’s get started

The web is the most important platform for this generation

people are spending more of their time on the web present change in 2004 to 2009

– 18 % listening to radio

-17 % reading newspaper

-6 % reading magazine

117 % are using internet

So internet was going to to boost on the coming years ☺️

In old time popular desktop application since 1990 all of our public was using less top and they are using some of the Great application like Skype windows music windows office and lot add other application but it was time to change an update with the desktop application to browser files like website.

What happened in 2004 it was the revolution time that ajax and web 2.0 is on the web

people are shifting on web application application that you are already familiar with blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, YouTube,  Google maps,  Netflix and all type of web applications.

The world changed from document to application. And finally developer reaching audience by writing web application.

It was powerful change very important Trend. In this new trend we need to make sure that desktop application are doing everything but that type of also function can be done by web application.

It was trend that web application are are becoming most powerful thanks to HTML5

How you can understand core GPU hardware with the help of web application for that only we are make sharing api will work and integrate with the hardware and software.

They are API to access local file system, speaker, microphone, camera.

In that old new era already too much of API was working

Video API

Canva API


Webgl API

Appcache API

Geolocation API

Workers API

Web Store API

this new function was already integrated with all modern browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

That was the time that all all over the world smartphone was release and old browser was outdated and new HTML file browser was updated so bye Google search they take service of old browser compare too new HTML5 mobile browser it was sky rocketing.

So the situation was that HTML5 is  on everywhere. So how can we use

So Google has present Gmail and there was updating with HTML5 with new version.

The first update was Gmail was sending email.

And it was already attaching storage file to to cloud file with Gmail.

new function in Gmail was you can drag and drop your file from desktop to your Gmail.

Google chat was integrate with Gmail understand that when you are not in Gmail how you get notification so Google has introduced with notification API.

We are working on video space since 1992 so we saw that 2 million are seeing YouTube so be always worry about bandwidth.

Vp8 is the best for live streaming bandwidth.

Introduction web m And open web media project

Vp8 now open source and royalty free.

For this type of project we need support of  many industries

Like software industry the company e-r Firefox Skype Opera and lot more

We have take support from hardware industry to the companies are are AMD freescale view cast Logitech and lot more

We have port from publisher like ang and lot more

Couple of problem that remain in the web it is very hard to user to find web application. In part of hardware you can go to shop and by any part in hardware in Times in desktop you can download any software from and install it so in that time when Google was not very smart and we cannot find any web application correctly there are to many types of web application and there was no reviews and ratings and we cannot find how many of people are using this web applications there was so many problems

It was much easier to find mobile too chess game but similar on the web it was very hard to find best chess game.

as developer when you write this type of application you need user to discover this application. Another biggest problem that you need audience that support your web application and give review and ratings the first thing is is we can’t reach New audience on the web on that days.

The second thing developer care about monitiseation today advertising was the best way to on a developer a good money but we need to create lot type of monitise system that works and make some good money.

For example it should be easy to create and sell web application on the web.

It was great IO Of Google in 2010

Sundar Pichai Google CEO


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