The chief executive officer of Google Inc, Sundar Pichai

The chief executive officer of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai,

chief executive officer of Google

has taken a leap of faith with a bold decision to merge two of the biggest tech players in the world. After nearly three years of slowly declining ad revenue growth, Google is betting on huge technology investments from the big investment arms of Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to boost their future.

The move is based on the expectation that more technology is needed in every industry. As the world becomes more technologically savvy, Google, the dominant search engine in the industry, sees its future intertwined with the tech giants of the future. Tech companies, of which Google is one, are expected to grow to as large as 450 trillion dollars by 2030, and many are still pushing for growth through consolidation.
Google has long been struggling to find profitable growth and recently announced that it would offer its technology and platform for free in a bid to draw more businesses onto its platform. But now it seems that Google has decided to put its money where its mouth is, and follow the technology-driven consolidation trend that has been taking place in Silicon Valley for some years.
Pichai announced that he was departing from the chief executive officer position of Google and promoting John Giannandrea to that position. Giannandrea, who joined Google two years ago as a senior vice president of engineering, was put in charge of Google’s products and services. He oversaw the development of the technology behind several important products, including Google Plus, the failed social network for Google.
Pichai had been CEO since 2014, when he replaced Larry Page, who now serves as Google’s executive chairman. Pichai has been in charge of several key products including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Wallet and YouTube. However, the search giant is now betting on the services of the respective tech giants of the future, of which Apple, with the help of its vast cash resources, is one.
“With Sundar’s leadership, we have driven more than 20 key product and services innovations,” said Google CEO Larry Page. “Google and other companies are creating a new world that increasingly allows digital services to be produced by larger teams and to take advantage of hardware and software advancements that were once limited to a few dominant companies.”
Apart from finding itself in the midst of technology consolidation, Google now finds itself pitted against two other tech giants that are equally ready to put billions into their respective expansion plans. As a result, the tech company will have to make a profit of its own and may have to tighten its belt. The tech giant has always worked under the impression that technology growth is the best thing that can happen to the business. But, in some cases, growth takes care of itself.
After all, the tech industry is a constantly evolving one that goes through growing pains and disappointment. Google can no longer rely on demand for its products rising as it has in the past. The company’s reputation has been tarnished over its failure to keep advertisers happy. This has led Google to increasingly rely on big tech companies to make the sale of advertising.
Pichai has made the decision, and this is likely to have an impact on the company. It has, in fact, already shown in its leadership decision. By promoting an engineer, Google has demonstrated that it has not lost faith in its product but is committed to a path that is reshaping the way technology functions in the world.
More technology is needed, and Google is going to do its part to make that happen. It is a bold move, but it seems that Google has made its choice, and has bet on the technology and the tech companies of tomorrow.

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